An introductory chat on BIM, digital twins and what's next.

What is BIM (Building Information Modelling), what are digital twins, why do we need them, and why don't we? Is BIM a design tool? Is it a management tool? Who is leading this, and who needs to be? Is there a role for the #Metaverse in the evolving digital twin environment?

John Manoochehri (BASE2), Vicki Reynolds (i3pt/Women in BIM), Alain Waha (Cogital/Buro Happold), and Melanie Robinson (BIM Academy) share experiences, perspectives and outlook on what's going on and what's next.

Find out: is Vicki a vicar in the Church of BIM or is she a BIM-sinner beyond redemption?

Listen to this. BIM needs you and you need BIM. Even if you don't think so. 


The Last Meter Talks cover themes relating to BASE2 Last Meter® and Space Engine™: service integration in homes & offices, urban design and planning, sustainable housing and cities, computational architecture and design, retail, logistics, social inclusion and more.

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Image is of Ivan Sutherland demonstrating Sketchpad, one of the first digital drafting tools in history.