A chat on open source software, open source design tools, the cultures around them - and their growing use for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), BIM, and beyond.

What is going on? What can game engines help with - or not - in AEC? Who can learn, who needs to learn what - and who will make money out of this? Does it help society, and the environment, or is it all ... just to make free tools? Does open source software overlap with the big giant of profit-making software, game engines and the game development space? What about the #Metaverse?

John Manoochehri (BASE2), Dion Moult (BlenderBIM), Yorik van Havre (FreeCAD) and Bruno Postle (Homemaker) share experiences, perspectives and outlook on what's going on and what's next.

Find out: the difference between free speech and free beer, and if Bruno is secretly on the payroll of Autodesk.

Listen to this. It's free content about free software. Don't be ungrateful.

The Last Meter Talks cover themes relating to BASE2 Last Meter® and Space Engine™: service integration in homes & offices, urban design and planning,  sustainable housing and cities, computational architecture and design, retail, logistics, social inclusion and more.

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Image is of Grace Hopper working with UNIVAC. Hopper wrote A-0, one of the first computer languages which, when it was published in a later edition as A-2 in 1953, was the first example of 'open source' software in history. [Other participants not listed in source.]