A Last Meter® talk on Cities, Planning and the New Service Economy with John Manoochehri (BASE2), Ray Gastil (Remaking Cities Instute, CMU/Gastilworks), and Christer Larsson, respectively the former City Planning Directors in Pittsburgh and Malmö.

Are cities fit for purpose in the modern digital world? What is the impact of the on-demand economy on city planning and development? How will logistics be planned and developed for the new lifestyles evolving? How will user services be integrated into new housing, office, and downtown culture and retail designs? Is there are role for public sector and social services?

These and more questions are touched on - only at the surface, given the complexity - opening the door to many more discussions.

Find out: when and how John, Ray and Christer first met, and which webbrowser Christer prefers.

Listen to this. Christer downloaded software to record it, so you owe it to him.

The Last Meter Talks cover themes relating to BASE2 Last Meter® and Space Engine™: service integration in homes & offices, urban design and planning, sustainable housing and cities, computational architecture and design, retail, logistics, social inclusion and more.

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Image is of the Joseph Weis US Post Office and Courthouse, Pittsburgh. There was a time last mile personal logistics, currently powering the on-demand economy, was a proud part of city governance and instructure, under the name: 'the postal service'.